My Story

Living the good life in sunny Texas.  Designer by day, ceramicist by night, I started Bae•tanical to help share my love for all things related to my love for gardening, home decor, design, plant care, cultivation, aesthetics, and more!

The curiosity of learning about a particular genus, the development of a seedpod on your favorite cactus, or the pride of successfully saving a plant from impending doom; these are the inspirations that went into starting Bae•tanical.  It’s these challenges that give pride in my collection that I love sharing about.

Plants transcend just a simple hobby for me and I know I’m not alone.  I have an insatiable appetite for learning about the natural world around me.  It’s this curiosity that I hope to spread through Bae•tanical because this curiosity has enriched my life in very meaningful ways.


Bae•tanical is here to provoke curiosity by providing DIY tips, explore botanical care, and share items that enrich your surroundings and daily life.


Check out my appearance on KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener!

Reaching Out

I document my plants extensively, and enjoy sharing their developments with the plant community.  Like you, I find the forms, textures, smells, and colors captivating.  If you’d like to share your own plants or stories, ask questions, or have relevant opportunities related to Bae•tanical, please email baetanical@gmail.com or use the contact function on this website.